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Essays written in conjunction with exhibitions

Why the LED signages in Evening, Once More?

Detailing my usage of LED signages in my solo exhibition.


My Future Is Not Only A Dream​:

Evenings, Bus Rides and Daydreams

A short essay for the exhibition Evening, Once More, detailing my motivations for creating this body of work, my influences from Van Gogh, my failed attempts at being cool and hipster like the characters in Wong Kar Wai's films, the ugliness of Macpherson (my studio's neighborhood) and how depictions of the evening are a way to talk about the sadder and more existentialist aspects of hyperurban life.


Immigration checkpoint:

Reflections on painting beyond labels, borders and nationalism

A reflective essay on the themes of local identity, nationalism and familiarity that were explored in my solo exhibition A Lack of Significance.


Cheap Spirits: The God Tree

A short paragraph I wrote in response to Cheap Spirits, on the first things that came to my mind with regards to the ideas discussed during the process of creating the exhibition. It is part of the exhibition catalogue

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