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Living In Still


iPreciation, Singapore

Living In Still

A Group Exhibition

iPreciation (誰先覺), Singapore 

Dec 11, 2020 – Jan 2, 2021 

As 2020 approaches to an end, as surreal as it might be seen, never did we expect a curatorial we discussed and planned one and a half years ago has coincidentally realised into “the” exhibition which reflects the current situation of a world being caught almost to a standstill. While life might struggle to survive in quietness, many have taken the opportunity to reflect and begin looking inwards. Through introspection, we find the strength to envision a new future and evolve, paving the road to a beautiful life.

The title, Living in Still is inspired by renowned surrealist artist Salvador Dali’s painting, Living Still Life (French: Nature Morte Vivante) which explored the relationships between quantum physics and the conscious mind. The Spanish artist wanted to illustrate through his painting that although an object seems to be in stillness, it is always charged with millions of atoms that are constantly in lively motion.

A curated body of 22 latest artworks encompasses two and three-dimensional mediums, with Yang Zhongda using pastel on pastel board, Yeo Tze Yang painting on canvas with oil, Casey Tan painting with acrylic on canvas, and Lim Jia Qi incorporating woodblock carving with painting techniques. The choice of medium exhibits the personal experiences and expressions of these artists while reflecting on their developments in professional art-making.

This exhibition addresses neglectable objects and the urban environment in quiet stillness yet vividly exists in making up the artists’ creative narratives. Some of the works were created during the Singapore Circuit Breaker lockdown, capturing familiar local landscapes frozen in time. On one’s close observation, the seemingly uncomfortable emptiness and surrealness of the atmosphere are found to be continually flowing and pulsating with life.

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