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That's All There Is (2016)

That Spare Room, Singapore

That’s All There Is

That Spare Room, Singapore

29 July 2016 - 7 Aug 2016

That’s All There Is” is a collaborative exhibition between two Singaporean artists PG Lee and Yeo Tze Yang.

The creative process began through numerous exchanges between the artists, mostly casual chitchats which developed into insightful reflections over time. Thoughts and experiences with loved ones, memories of the seemingly insignificant, fears about mortality, afterthoughts about deaths; such are ideas that grew and are sifted out, laying the ground for artistic collaboration and cumulating into the pieces presented

Documentations of these conversations were made throughout the creative process, of which parts are presented in an accompanying blog/publication as text or images. With a conscious effort made at the start to avoid working with a theme, this exhibition offers a glimpse into an unique approach of collaborative making – the artists responded extensively and candidly on random subjects raised, thereby slowly drawing out potentially real concerns of the artists’ practice.

Despite similar ideas behind their works, the two artists’ practices are diverse, with PG working with found objects and Tze Yang working in representational oil painting. The juxtaposition between the two artists’ working processes promises an unusual yet enlightening art viewing experience for visitors.

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