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Yeo Tze Yang at FOST Gallery: In search of the truth 

5 July 2022

Sean Wang

Art & Market

At Yeo Tze Yang’s solo exhibition ‘TRUTH BE TOLD: Recent thotz abt painting ppl' ' at FOST Gallery, I am one of many people present at his exhibition walkthrough. Tze Yang explains the niggling feelings of self-doubt, the snarky comments by collectors at gallery openings and his ruminations on the artistic process that mark the walls. He also shares personal anecdotes and explains his unique spin on Social Realism. One thing is clear: he is not depicting things as they are; he is depicting things as he sees them. This means taking references from stock photos and splicing real and imagined compositions. Through this process of combining both careful observation and artistic discretion, he manages to tap at a deeper truth — the immaterial aspects of being a person...



Yeo Tze Yang’s First Exhibition at FOST Gallery

21 May 2022

Plural Art Mag

If you haven’t already heard, Yeo Tze Yang has landed at Gillman Barracks and found a new home at Fost Gallery.

It’s a fortuitous meeting of minds as this is a space well-known for playing host to some of the most intelligent shows in town. Doing what he does best, Tze Yang exhibits a beautiful hang of gorgeous paintings in a show entitled TRUTH BE TOLD: Recent thotz abt painting ppl. 



Yeo Tze Yang Talks About Painting Ordinary Life, Photography, ‘A’ levels and 2AM Teh Tarik

20 July 2021

Jolene Teo

Alien Space Crab

After reviewing Yeo Tze Yang’s recent solo exhibition Evening, Once more, we wanted to get to know the young Singaporean artist and his works better through a friendly Zoom chat/interview. In this interview, we find out how he started painting and learn more about his artistic process. We also chat about random things like his favorite time of the day and if he could eat one dish for the rest of his life what would it be.  



‘Evening, Once More’ by Yeo Tze Yang in Collaboration with SEED Art Space: An expanding artistic repertoire

6 July 2021

Sara Lau

Art & Market

"Nothing feels contrived because he actively lives and embodies what he paints, instead of merely looking in from the outside. ‘Evening, Once More’ provides a sharpened perspective of Yeo’s genuine preoccupation with the banal. Beneath the seeming simplicity of his work lies a depth of thought that comes from an ordinary life well lived."



Solo Exhibition by Yeo Tze Yang Captures Ethereal Evening Scenes

2 July 2021

Jolene Teo

Alien Space Crab

When I came across a picture of Yeo Tze Yang’s Look On Down From The Bridge (2020), I knew I had to visit his exhibition Evening, Once More as I have never seen a longkang look so good. Yeo’s fourth solo exhibition featuring paintings and LED signboard installations is held at The Substation until 12 July, 2021. Yeo’s works often depict scenes from everyday life in urban settings that usually goes unnoticed. Evening, Once More presents these scenes, but this time specifically between 6.30 - 7.30pm...


【新画彩】第二集 杨子扬:油画中的幽默

Zaobao Digital, Singapore

7 April 2021





My Perfect Weekend

12 March 2021

Chantal Sajan

Senior Correspondent

Straits Times, Singapore

"As a full-time artist, I do not have a fixed Monday-to-Friday routine, so most of my weekends are very much like my weekdays. I get up, have breakfast, exercise, have lunch, relax for a while and then take the MRT from Bedok to my art studio in Tai Seng industrial estate..."


6 January 2020

黄向京, 联合早报



6 October 2019

Wong Kim Hoh, The Straits Times

Art does not need to be 'cheem', says self-taught painter Yeo Tze Yang, whose evocative works often depict ordinary objects and everyday life


4 October 2019

(Column piece for TODAY Online)

I graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in May and am a full-time artist, having held various group and solo exhibitions since 2013 and winning the UOB Painting Of The Year silver prize in 2016.  

My decision to become an artist was perhaps one that was never made in the first place — I don’t remember making any decision, I simply did stuff.


29 July 2019

Sara Lau

Art & Market

Yeo Tze Yang stands out among his peers. Instead of attending art school after completing his ‘A’ Levels, he opted to study Southeast Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Now as a fresh graduate, he prepares for his solo show, ‘A Lack of Significance’ at iPreciation. In this interview, he speaks about the evolution of his practice and reflects on his positionality as an artist in Singapore...


12 July 2019

NUS News

What is an artist to do? Go to art school to perfect his craft, or to a university to enhance his substance? Graduating NUS Southeast Asian Studies student Yeo Tze Yang chose the latter. After spending six years of his education in the Art Elective Programme, honing his skills in photography, videography, digital illustration and fine arts, Tze Yang chose to continue his education at NUS Arts and Social Science to find more fodder for his soul.


25 May 2018

Rouwen Lim

The Star, Malaysia

Yeo paints the quiet. He finds it in the everyday scenes that often go unnoticed, and in the moments where we daydream and drift. In a new exhibition, now showing at the same gallery, Yeo's pensive world is dialed down further.


A duo exhibit Cheap Spirits presents paintings by Yeo and photographs by Singapore-based Malaysian photographer George Wong. Both harbour an obsession with the everyday, but viewed through a different lens.


14 October 2017

Usha Chandradas

Plural Art Mag

We caught up with prolific young artist Yeo Tze Yang, after his two successful shows at iPreciation in Singapore, and OUR ArtProjects in Kuala Lumpur (KL). Only 23, he’s already won a Silver award in the prestigious United Overseas Bank Painting of the Year contest and is presently pursuing a degree in Southeast Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore (NUS).


11 July 2017

Rouwen Lim, The Star, Malaysia

Yeo Tze Yang’s snapshots of dusk – and the hours that stretch beyond – look like they are quite at home with the listless monotony of urban living. The people in these works don’t complain, they don’t bemoan their humdrum existence. They are simply present, and, above all, accepting.

Yeo’s Evening, a series of oil paintings capturing the different facades of night in his home country of Singapore, marks his first solo exhibition in Malaysia. This showcase of 15 works, currently showing at Our ArtProjects in Kuala Lumpur, comes two years after his first solo A Place Behind My Eyes, held in Singapore...


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