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Evening, Once More


in collaboration with SEED The Art Space, at the Substation, Singapore


Evening, Once More

Solo exhibition

in collaboration with SEED The Art Space

The Substation, Singapore

June 25, 2021 – July 12, 2021 

Evening, Once More portrays those quiet moments of transition between 6:30pm to 7:30pm, when dusk falls on the city of Singapore  -  the hours when most people head back home after work. In his paintings of this transient time, Yeo Tze Yang reflects on how the shifting light of day changes our perceptions of time and space. For Yeo, “Evening” marks the downtime when people can relax, rest, socialise, ponder, and reflect at the end of a long day. “Once more” signifies the loss of time passed. It calls for a hope and longing for another night of presence - - though time is passing by without reservations; at each moment, the present is transforming into the past, and is followed by the unpredictable future. 

A self-taught, skilled, and determined painter, Yeo is known for his oil paintings that capture scenes of ordinary life in urban settings.  His artworks provide an almost cinematic perspective of the quiet details of daily life, paying special attention to objects and people in our neighbourhood that might easily be overlooked or forgotten. For his fourth solo exhibition, Yeo presents oil paintings along with LED signboards which serve to amplify the algorithmic and technology-driven urban landscapes of his paintings, but also create an interesting contrast between these ready-made industrial materials and his hand-painted canvases.  

In this dialogue, the artist questions what exactly “time” might be. Yeo’s scenes of evening offer perhaps a glimpse of life in its entirety, where images of this short magical hour embody all that has come before and the promise of what yet might be.  In gazing at the quiet details of Yeo’s paintings, we encounter not only their physical form and presence, but also become open to the possibilities these might trigger in our own virtual spaces, whether these be memory and recognition, or perhaps even dream and desire.  

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